Tooth Extraction Annapolis, MD

Have you noticed tooth pain in the back of your mouth? Are infected teeth impacting your bite? You may require a tooth extraction at Lighthouse Family Dentistry in Annapolis, MD. Our lead dentist, Dr. E. Taylor Meiser, provides dental extractions as a preventative general dental treatment.

Some patients may think extractions are a painful dental procedure. However, extractions relieve pain caused by impacted or infected teeth. We also will use anesthesia or sedation during the extraction, so patients do not feel any pain.

Dental Extraction in Annapolis, Maryland

Types of Tooth Extraction Treatments in Annapolis, MD

Dental extractions are simple and complex. Simple tooth extractions remove teeth that are above the gum line. Therefore, they only require a back and forth rocking motion and local anesthesia for comfortable removal. Complex extractions address impacted teeth, or teeth at or below the gum line. We will use dental sedation and anesthesia for these types of extractions.

Before any tooth extraction treatment, Dr. Meiser will use CBCT scans to see where the teeth are in the mouth and plan the best extraction method. Dr. Meiser will also recommend dental implant treatment if patients need to remove their infected permanent teeth.

Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Also known as “third molars,” wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in the mouth. Many patients may notice their wisdom teeth coming in when they are in their late teens or early twenties. For many patients, wisdom teeth can cause tooth pain and discomfort. We will need to remove wisdom teeth if they are not emerging properly.

At routine appointments, we will take digital x-rays to keep track of any emerging wisdom teeth. If we find that they are causing pain or not fully emerging, we will schedule your wisdom tooth extraction. This complex extraction treatment will relieve dental pain and prevent damage to the back molars.

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Contact our office for extraction at 410-324-7287. If you have tooth pain or discomfort caused by an infected or impacted tooth, contact our office for extraction at 410-324-7287. You can also request a dental consultation with Dr. Meiser and his team online.