Emergency Dentist Annapolis, MD

Lighthouse Family Dentistry provides emergency dental care to patients in Annapolis, MD. Emergency dental treatments offer preventative, general dental care. Immediately treating problems like a broken tooth or damaged restoration can help prevent further oral health and overall health problems.

If dental problems are left alone, patients may develop an unbalanced bite, tooth decay, gum disease, or even tooth loss. Our office can also immediately alleviate any pain or discomfort caused by a dental emergency.

We ask that patients call our office if they have a dental emergency. However, patients who are in severe pain or also have sustained physical injuries should call a hospital. Our dental team can provide further oral health treatment afterward.

Emergency dentist in Annapolis, Maryland

Emergency Dental Care in Annapolis, MD

Some of the most common emergencies that we treat in our Annapolis, Maryland dental office include:

  • Toothaches: Dental pain can often be caused by an impacted tooth, a dental cavity, a tooth injury, or gum disease. Because there are so many common causes of toothaches, we ask that you contact our office so we can find the cause of your pain.
  • Knocked-Out Permanent Teeth: If you can, locate the tooth and hold it by its crown, or top. Rinse it in cool water. Then, place the tooth in a cup of cold milk. We may be able to restore your tooth if it is immediately transported to our office. If we cannot reattach the tooth, we can provide you with a dental implant. Dental implants are versatile dental restorations that replace one or more teeth. They provide a stable and long-lasting replacement that looks and functions just like a natural tooth.
  • Damaged or Lost Restorations: If you have just broken a dental crown, bridge, or denture, please do not try to restore it. It may be tempting, but attempting to place your restoration back in your mouth can damage your teeth and gums. Call our dental office so we can provide you with a temporary restoration. We will also plan a new, durable restoration.
  • Object Stuck Between Teeth: Gently floss between your teeth to try and dislodge the object from between your teeth. Do not try any other methods to remove the object as this can damage your teeth. Call our office if you cannot remove the object. We have special dental tools that can help!
  • Excessive Bleeding: It is common for patients who experience bleeding gums when they brush or floss. This is a common sign of gum inflammation. These bleeding gums are not an emergency, but can eventually lead to periodontitis, However, excessive bleeding is abnormal, particularly following a dental procedure. If a blood clot has not formed after oral surgery and keeps bleeding, contact our office.

Contact Our Emergency Dentist Office Today

If you do not have an immediate dental emergency, but require oral health care, schedule a dental consultation with Dr. Meiser online. You may also contact Lighthouse Family Dentistry at 410-324-7287. Please let us know if you ever have any questions and we will be glad to assist you.