Implant-Supported Crown Annapolis, MD

Implant-Supported Crown: A Durable and Natural-Looking Dental Restoration

Dental implants are now known as the best solution for replacing missing teeth. They have revolutionized the field of restorative dentistry, now offering the most reliable way to replace teeth. Even if you are only missing one tooth, a single dental implant is the most durable and natural replacement option. Dr. E. Taylor Meiser is a local dentist that can provide you with an implant supported crown in Annapolis, MD to replace a single missing tooth.

implant supported crown in Annapolis, MD

The Structure of an Implant-Supported Crown

The purpose of an implant-supported crown is to mimic the appearance and function of a natural tooth. It is made up of several key components to accomplish this. The structure of an implant supported crown is:

  • An Implant Post: The foundation of an implant-supported crown is a titanium implant post that your dentist will surgically place into the jawbone. Over time, the implant fuses with the surrounding bone through a process called osseointegration. This will provide a stable and long-lasting base for the dental crown.
  • The Abutment: Connected to the dental implant post is a small piece called an abutment. The abutment will protrude slightly above the gumline and acts as a connector piece between the implant and the crown. Abutments can be customized to fit the specific restoration and patient’s needs.
  • A Custom Dental Crown: The dental crown is the visible part of the restoration that will mimic the shape, function, appearance, and feel of a natural tooth. We will create your dental crown from a durable material such as porcelain, ceramic, or zirconia. It will blend in naturally with your surrounding teeth and last for a long time due to its strength.

How is the Dental Crown Attached to the Dental Implant?

There are actually two ways your dentist can secure the tooth crown to the dental implant. He can use a screw or dental cement to anchor the crown in place.

Screw-Retained Dental Crown

With this method, the abutment has a small access hole. The dental crown is fabricated with a screw channel that will align with the abutment’s access hole. Your dentist will secure the dental crown to the abutment with a screw, allowing for easy removal if maintenance or repairs are every necessary.

This is typically favored among patients due to its secure fit. It offers a precise fit and easy retrieveability but is also more difficult to place because it requires more space for the screw access hole.

Cemented Implant-Supported Crown

A cemented dental crown is attached to the dental implant using dental cement. Here, the dental crown is fabricated with an internal abutment that will fit over the dental implant abutment. Your dentist will place dental cement inside the crown then place the crown on the abutment. He will remove any excess cement and allow the cement to set and bond the crown in place.

A cemented implant supported crown provides excellent aesthetics since there are screw holes visible. However, they can be a challenge to remove if maintenance or replacement is required as the crown is securely bonded to the abutment with cement.

Schedule an Appointment for an Implant Supported Crown in Annapolis, MD

A dental crown supported by a single dental implant is easy to care for. If you take good care of your oral hygiene, this dental restoration should last you a lifetime. If you have a missing tooth and would like to learn more about an implant supported crown in Annapolis MD, schedule an appointment with Dr. Meiser by calling 410-324-7287 or you can also request an appointment online.