Pros and Cons of CEREC® Crowns

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One of the ways dentists replace natural teeth is with crowns, and a CEREC crown is an alternative to a traditional one. CEREC crowns are also called chairside crowns, and they are made of ceramic. These types of crowns are a good choice for those who want to restore normal look and function quickly and want to prevent decay. Although there are many pros, there are also cons of which patients should be aware.

Pros of CEREC crowns

Unlike traditional crowns, in which the process requires multiple visits and weeks for final completion, CEREC crowns are made and placed the same day. This is a big bonus for many patients.

Saves time

Depending on the specific situation, the entire process takes an average of two hours. An impression of the mouth is digitally taken in minutes, and then the ceramic crown is created precisely with equipment right on site. Once the crown is prepared, it is glued to the tooth.

Saves money

Getting a CEREC crown may cost less money because it only requires one office visit. It also does not require a temporary crown. Fewer appointments also mean patients do not have to take off as much work, which means they may be able to earn more.

More comfortable

With traditional crowns, the dentist uses gooey pastes to make an impression of the teeth, and the process can be uncomfortable. The temporary crown also does not always fit well, which can cause discomfort for a few weeks. The process and fitting of CEREC crowns are more comfortable for the patient.

Saves the tooth

When a dentist fits a tooth for a CEREC crown, not as much preparation of the natural tooth is needed. This means less filing and drilling, and this maintains more of the real tooth, which maintains its strength.

Cons of CEREC crowns

Patients should be aware that there are some disadvantages to chairside crowns.

Less resistance

Traditional crowns are made out of metal alloys, and this makes them stronger. CEREC ones are less resistant to fracture and normal wear and tear. The material used for traditional crowns may also enhance bonding with the natural tooth.

Poorer fit

Although CEREC crowns often fit great, there may be issues if there is a fracture below the gumline. The digital camera may not be able to get as precise of an image at this level, which means the crown may not fit as well as a traditional one in this situation.


When choosing between a CEREC and traditional crown, patients should consider all factors involved. The process of chairside crowns is a huge advantage because it saves time, and the patient is able to eat, smile and speak normally the same day the crown is placed. However, there may be instances in which a traditional crown is preferred, so speak with your dentist to find out what is the better option for you.

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