Preparing for Your Next Dental Checkup

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It is essential to have a regular dental checkup. Going to the dentist is not just about having your teeth checked. While that is one reason, you need to see a dentist regularly for overall oral health. Simply put, your dentist wants to ensure the health of both gums and teeth.

How often should a person have a dental checkup?

Dentists recommend having teeth cleaned and checked every six months. Now, if someone has a specific issue, they can go any time. Also, for children, especially those getting new teeth, a dentist might recommend a different schedule. But at a minimum, people should go twice a year.

Preparation tips one to three

Before going to a dentist for a regular checkup, people should do a few things. For starters, an individual should call the clinic to verify the scheduled appointment. Second, patients should ask the receptionist if the dentist needs anything additional like prior records. Third, everyone needs to take insurance information with them to the appointment.

Preparation tips four and five

The fourth thing that someone should do before going to the dentist is to make a list of all medications, as well as doses. Sometimes, people forget that prescriptions can affect the outcome of a dental procedure. So, the dentist needs this information for the safety of the patient. Fifth, go to the appointment roughly 15 minutes before the scheduled time to handle any paperwork.

Preparation tips six and seven

The sixth thing to do when preparing for a dental checkup is to thoroughly clean the mouth. Surprisingly, some people do not do this, which makes for an unpleasant experience for the dentist. That includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing. When finished, they should avoid any food or beverages until after the exam. Seventh, patients should write down any questions or concerns so that they do not forget to discuss them with the dentist.

Preparation tip number 10

The final tip when preparing to see a dentist is that once there, the patient needs to be open. In other words, if someone is having a problem, rather than remain quiet, the person needs to speak up. Dental professionals are in the field of helping people. And even with a thorough examination and X-rays, some things might go unnoticed unless patients talk about them.

What to expect

After checking in, an assistant takes the individual to a private room. There, a hygienist cleans the patient’s teeth and notes any concerns. Usually, a tech takes X-rays before the person sees the dentist. Next, the dentist examines the person’s teeth. During that period, the dentist will make recommendations if a problem exists.

It is vital to take care of your teeth

Whether you have not seen a dentist for years or you simply hate going, remember that the condition of your teeth and gums depends on regular dental checkups. With so many advances in dentistry, most procedures are not painful. With ongoing care, you will have a beautiful smile and healthy mouth. You deserve this.

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