How does a Kid friendly a Dentist Replace Kids’ Missing Teeth?

Kid Friendly Dentist Annapolis, MD

Wondering how a kid friendly dentist replaces a child's missing teeth? There are a few options that can be explored, however, it is good for parents to know that the process can be involved. Additionally, children are not always keen on the idea of tooth replacement, which often requires the help of a kid friendly dentist. Special steps and care can be provided so that children feel safe and comfortable throughout the process. Ready to learn more?

Replacing missing teeth in children

Finding a kid friendly dentist to replace missing teeth in children is something many parents are choosing to do, especially when there is any level of dental anxiety. When a child loses one of their teeth due to an injury or too much decay, the tooth needs to be replaced, particularly if the tooth happens to be a permanent tooth. While it is understandable that a permanent tooth needs to be replaced, it is sometimes necessary for children to also undergo tooth replacement when they lose one or more of their baby teeth.

Why baby teeth need to be replaced

A child's first set of teeth need to stay in place until they are replaced with their adult teeth. In order for their permanent teeth to grow in properly, the baby teeth need to stay in place and be healthy. The baby teeth provide the necessary space for the permanent adult ones. Additionally, the baby teeth are used as a guide as the adult teeth begin to develop. 

How kid friendly dentists replace baby teeth

A dentist who understands how to treat children will typically replace kids’ missing teeth using dental bridges. There are a few different types of bridges that can be used and the type used is dependent on each individual situation. Removable bridges are commonly used, as this type of bridge can bridge the gap between any number of missing baby teeth. Removable bridges provide stability, as well as offer cosmetic improvement, which is important when any missing teeth are located in or near the front of the mouth.

Traditional bridges are similar to the removable bridge option, yet they are cemented into place, making this bridge choice one that cannot be removed from the mouth. Fixed bridges are often preferred by parents, as they cannot be lost like removable bridges can.

Composite bridgework is a third type of tooth replacement option for children and is a combination of a fixed and partial bridge. One benefit is that the kid friendly dentist does not have to remove any portion of a child's healthy teeth, as they use dental bonding to keep this type of bridge securely in place.

Replace missing teeth today

Choosing a kid friendly dentist is a great idea, as this type of dental professional is one who understands the importance of making children feel comfortable before, during and after any necessary dental appointments, including tooth replacement. Reach out today to learn more or to get started with tooth replacement. 

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