How a General Dentist Saves Decayed Teeth

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Decayed teeth, also referred to as dental cavities, are one of the more common dental problems. The good news is general dentists have multiple treatment options available to treat decayed teeth. Often the method of treatment depends on the severity of the decay. 

Treatment options to save decayed teeth from becoming lost

This review highlights the different ways in which a general dentist can treat teeth decay, including fluoride treatment, dental fillings, root canal therapy and dental crowns. By learning more about the treatment options to save decayed teeth and how to prevent teeth decay, one can prepare themself for the treatment procedure needed.

Fluoride treatment

Before teeth decay and develop into cavities, the enamel weakens. This is a relatively slow process, and weakened enamel can be strengthened to prevent cavities if detected early enough. The way in which a general dentist helps patients strengthen their enamel is through fluoride, a natural substance that helps strengthen teeth enamel through remineralization. The fluoride treatment is typically in the form of mouthwash and utilized along with improvements in oral care and dietary restrictions. 

Dental filling

A dental filling, also called a dental restoration, repairs decayed teeth after the enamel officially erodes. This procedure is typically reserved for minor instances of enamel decay, whereas root canal therapy or a dental crown may be necessary for more severe cavities. A dental filling is a non-invasive procedure in which a tooth-colored material (amalgam or composite resin) is bonded onto the tooth to fill in the cavity left by decay. 

Root canal therapy

If the decay reaches the root of the tooth or is too large, then a dental filling may not be enough. When this occurs, root canal therapy is often the best method of treatment. This is a more extensive treatment procedure that involves accessing the decayed or infected portion of the root, removing the decay and infected pulp and filling it with a substance known as gutta-percha. 

Dental crown

A dental crown is often necessary after root canal therapy to protect the tooth and restore its full size, shape and function. An onlay or inlay (partial crowns) may be available for instances of decay as well. There are different types of crowns available depending on the severity of the decay, including metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal and gold alloy crowns. 

Preventing teeth decay

After treating decay or weakened enamel, then the general dentist shifts their focus to helping the patient prevent teeth decay long-term through consistent use of fluoride in the patient’s oral care routine, limiting sugar intake and visiting the dentist regularly for routine check-ups and cleanings. 

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